We are constantly working on improvements;

  • We work preventively and adopt a systematic approach to the management of work environment issues.
  • We inform and train our employees on issues related to the natural environment and working environment, and we include our employees in our efforts to implement continuous improvements.
  • We are committed to providing certified environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 in all our manufacturing units.

We comply with applicable laws and other requirements;       

  • We carry out our activities in accordance with the relevant environmental and working environment legislation.

We use natural resources effectively;

  • Effective use of energy, water, raw materials and other natural resources is to be one of the defining features of our activities.

We reduce emissions and minimize risks;

  • We work hard to minimize waste and emissions from our production facilities and other activities. Our aim is to recycle waste as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • prevent accidents, uncontrolled emissions and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

We offer environmentally friendly products;

  • We offer high quality, energy efficient products and solutions that help reduce climate impacts.
  • Our holistic approach to environmental issues guides not only our product development, but also our material selection, shipping alternatives, product functionality and a product's end-of-life recycling potential.

We request from our business partners;

  • include environmental considerations and corporate social responsibility issues in our decisions when selecting suppliers, contractors and shipping partners.

We offer a good working environment;

  • We offer a high standard of working environment wherever we operate.
  • We use risk analysis, training and other preventive measures to ensure that our employees carry out their work in a safe and healthy manner.

We are open and transparent in the information we provide;

  • We are clear and objective in the way we report our progress in sustainable development, and we follow established international guidelines to do so.

Our customers can count on us;

  • Our basic principle is that all our customers can always have full confidence in us and our products. This is why we attach so much importance to quality as an integral part of the Group's corporate culture and daily operations.
  • Quality assurance plays a crucial role in the Group's future development and is a decisive factor in our customers' choice of Flex Academy's products and services.
  • We must meet and exceed customer quality expectations as much as possible.

We set our target as 'Zero Defects';

  • Quality Control is based on the principle of 'Zero Defects' at every stage in all our processes.
  • The development work is aimed at creating products that accurately meet customer expectations and can be produced according to the 'Zero Defects' principle.
  • integrated into purchasing, production, distribution and service . The policy must be verifiable.

We are constantly working on improvements;

  • Our employees are trained on quality issues and they share the responsibilities of taking an active role in continuous improvement implementation studies.
  • Secondly, second to the measures we take to protect people and the environment, quality issues are given priority when an error or defect is detected or there is a risk of an error or defect.
  • Flex Academy works systematically to ensure that its operations are well organized and well run. The quality systems in our production units are certified to comply with ISO 9001 or an equivalent quality management system.

We receive requests from our suppliers;

  • criteria for the products and services that the Group purchases from external partners or subcontractors must comply with the criteria we want our own operations to meet.
  • A supplier's quality management system processes are evaluated before signing any agreement. We clearly state our quality criteria and conduct regular assessments to determine compliance.
  • We regularly evaluate the perceptions of the market and individual customers regarding the quality of Flex Academy's products and services and document the results. We react quickly to the results of these assessments.

To ensure the continuity of your business and to continuously improve our ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001: 2015 Environment Management System, to perform our production (compensator and flex hose) in accordance with the EU directive (Directive 2014/68 / EU-Pressure Equipment Directive and 305 / 2011ab Building Materials Directive).