Corrugated Metal Flexible Hoses

Corrugated flexible metal hoses with their high temperature and resistance and easy bent structures are produced in two different versions depending on the corrugation types.

1-  Annular Corrugation : Annular corrugated metal hose is made from longitudinally welded tubing with the corrugations formed in parallel planes veritcal to the axis of the hose.

2-  Helical Corrugation : Helical corrugated metal hose is also made from longitudinally welded tubing but with the corrugations formed in helix or spiral relative to the axis of the hose.

Flexibility of corrugated metal hoses depends on the profile and the distance between the corrugations as well as the wall thickness. Higher profiles with small distance between the corrugations provide more flexibility. In the same way, reducing the wall thickness also causes an increase in the flexibility, but in this case, the pressure resistance will be reduced.

In order to increase the pressure resistance, corrugated metal hoses are reinforced with single or multiple braiding. Braiding does not only prevent longitudinal expansion of the hose caused by interior pressure, but it can also absorb exterior tensile stress and provide protection of the exterior surface of the hose.

Corrugated metal hoses can be used in all applications where high flexibility and tightness are required, due to its functional and constructional properties Another advantage of corrugated hoses is the absorption of vibrations.

Basing on the mentioned advantages of corrugated metal hoses, they can be extensively used in various industrial applications such as;

-Heating & Cooling Systems

-Food Industry

-Chemical Industry

-Boiler & Heat Exchanger

-Natural Gas applications

Main factors affect the service life of the metal flexible hoses is;

-Improper installation

-Pressure fluctuations

-Quick and intermittent movements

-Higher operating temperatures

Corrugated metal hoses are normally manufactured in Standart Pitch. In general, each manufacturer specifies a standart number of corrugation per meter based on their own specifications considering the acceptable flexibility.

Open Pitch hoses have fewer corrugations per meter than the standart pitch hoses. This hose will not be as flexible as a standart pitch hose and can be used in applications where the flexibility is not particularly noteworthy. Main application area of open pitch hoses is boiler & solar systems.

Close Pitch hoses have high flexibility due to their increased number of corrugations per meter.